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Photo Etching
Shape Carving
Gold Leafing
Color Lithichrome
Photo Etching
New high-tech processes allow us to replicate any image in stone.
Shape Carving
Add depth to your design with the assistance of our on-site sandblasting artisans.
Gold Leafing
Add gold leaf accents to any memorial.
Color Lithichrome Designs
Add a full spectrum of colors to accent your design.
Hand Carving
Hand Etching
Custom Roses
Hand Carvings & Etchings
Have our resident master carvers create any design of your liking by hand.
Custom Roses
Connecticut's custom rose specialists
Custom Designs
Here are some examples of a few of the custom memorials we have created. Feel free to click on them to get additional information on each.
Porcelain Medallions
Immortalize your dearly departed with the addition of a fine Italian porcelain medallion. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
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